There was a gap and we filled it!

Cloud Catalogue has been developed to fill a gap in the market of wholesalers’ catalogues.
Print catalogues have such a short life, pdf catalogues the same: Digital, cloud based catalogues are not only the future but provide a seamless experience for your client.

Built specifically to work across all platforms with endless features and add-ons, but importantly, it is an brilliantly priced solution that is flexible and works for international wholesalers and international clients just as well for local clients.
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And created an all encompassing solution

A Beautiful Digital Catalogue

Your existing paper based catalogue will be digitized and converted into a branded mobile application supported with a website. The mobile application will run native on both iOS and Android platform.

Reporting and Data Analytics

The analytics engine will allow you as a business owner to understand trends around your business like your best selling product, your top customer and many others. The reporting module will allow you to run reports in the critical functions of your business to help you manage your business.

Mobile Order Creation

Have your customers place orders right from the mobile application and website. The ease of ordering with an up to date catalogue will allow for a better customer user experience.

Sales Team Automation

Allow your sales function to scale. Your sales team will be able to create new customers and orders on the go.


Digital Product Catalogue Let your customers view your catalogue digitally via a tablet or a browser.
Turn On/Off Catalogue You can turn a catalogue on/off by customer. This will make it easy for your customer see what applies to them.
Paperless Order Creation Create orders directly from a tablet or from your desktop.
Sales Professional Ordering Your sales agents will be able to carry the application with them and create orders on the go.
Manage Sales Professionals Authorise your team of sales reps to use your branded application. Monitor orders by sales reps.
Assign Regions By Sales Professional Assign regions to specific agents. This way they get access to their specific customer base.
Create New Customer Allow your sales professionals to create new customers on the fly.
B2B Web Portal Let your customers create orders online using a easy to use web portal. You can also distribute the tablet app to your customers and receive orders directly from your clients.
Create Customers Any customer registering to the web portal automatically becomes part of your database.
Powerful Web Based Admin Panel Manage your business, create new customers, create new products, manage product catalogue using a web based admin panel. Only you as the business owner will have access to it.
Product Variants Multiple colors, shapes, sizes - we have you covered. You can sell products using an easy to setup product variants.
Manage Customers Get a view of all your customers in one centralized location and also view ordering details (current and historical) by customer.
Update Stock Levels Update stock levels using the web based admin panel. This will get reflected in the table application and the B2B portal.
Custom Branding You will have both the tablets apps and the web portal branded to your company's name and logo.
Easy Onboarding We will make it easy to export your current customer list and products to Cloud Catalogue.

Its backed by a solid team!

Jas Singh
Jas Singh, Co-Founder

Jaskaran Singh has over 14 years of experience in variety of technical and business roles. He ran operations for multi-million dollar global consulting division. He know what it takes to run a business and also runs his own software development firm, Silstone Group. He is a visionary and loves creating software products to help businesses manage their operations.

Jocelyn Van Hoven
Jocelyn Van Hoven, Co-Founder

Jocelyn Van Hoven founded Heaven in Earth 10 years ago, running a successful and growing wholesale, importing, exporting and manufacturing business. Previously she built and sold a maintenance and design business for 9 nine years in the horticulture field in Sydney. Both of these have meant Jocelyn knows a number of industries from the ground up, and knows what is needed for small and medium business to run in a smoother and professional manner.

Our Philosophy

Cloud Catalogue can provide the best in a digital catalogue and live ordering system.

Jas has the cutting edge knowledge of the digital world to produce the best in apps. Jocelyn has thorough experience in trade sales and what is needed for the app in terms of design and functionality. This is a project that Jas and Jocelyn feel strongly about. 

It is with this experience and pragmatic view that we are bringing a very well priced package onto the market. We have developed this in neutral tones so it is your products that shine and our design takes the back seat.

Super simple pricing
that scales with your usage